In Plain Sight: Liquid Death (videos) + Poem: Asleep at the Wheel (haiku in 10 variations)

What’s the real purpose of these commercials? They’re desensitizing us to celebrate evil:

Liquid Death Mountain Water is valued at
at $700 million

This commercial has thousands of likes on YouTube:

Why is murder a joke? Why do they use cartoons to entertain adults? Our culture has dumbed us down to a level of conscienceless psychopathy. Pop culture’s programming has made us immoral, unquestioning, permanent juveniles.

Most people assume that these commercials are a publicity stunt but the Programmers use satire as a cover for their depravity. I find nothing funny or entertaining about any of this, but it seems like I’m in the minority. “Joking” about cannibalism is disgusting, something is very wrong with our world.

Self-professed witch casting an actual spell on Liquid Death to conjure demons/demonic possession:

They use children for their commercials because they’re easy to exploit, it’s also a way to program us into thinking the commercials are just innocent fun:

I didn’t find this commercial funny, it’s propaganda for drunkenness and pointless rebellion.

Climate Change is their cover, there’s no mention of geo-engineering, no condemnation of the corporations that profit from plastics, pollution and toxic chemicals. The Climate Change agenda always shifts responsiblity and blame on the consumers (peasants), not the corporate producers (aristocrats):

“He credited co-founder and chief executive officer Mike Cessario for creating a “cultural zeitgeist” and loyal fan base through marketing and social media efforts, noting Liquid Death is the most-followed beverage brand on TikTok in the United States, with content earning more than 21 billion media impressions in the past year.”

Normalizing Pornography:

“Liquid Death has previously collaborated with adult film stars such as Chloe Cherry, Lisa Ann, and Joanna Angel, who directed and appears in the ‘Don’t F*** the Planet’ commercial. The production team was also made up of pornographers.”
Asleep at the wheel

Asleep at the wheel
Racing at the speed of death
On the path to hell

Pretend it’s a joke
Label dissenters crazy
Clown World’s not funny

And pedophilia’s sick
They laugh track evil

Virtue signaling demons
Clown faced murderers

Demoralized us
With depravity and lust
Profited our doom

Apocalypse means
Revelation of the truth
The veil is lifting

Our world has fallen
When all the saints are murdered
Nothing can stop this

Choose which side you’re on
There is no purgatory
Time is running out

I was asleep too
29 years of New Age
Broke my bleeding heart

Wake up while there’s time
Align with God, God’s good truth
Reject the evil.


  1. Excellent haiku on the choice we now all face living in this apocalyptic age, Judy.

    I had never heard of this Liquid Death until I read this post of yours just now.

    I’ve never seen an ad or commercial for it in Canada.

    Which is strange.

    I think this would be right up satanic pedophile Justin Trudeau’s alley.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I don’t see the commercials often but I hardly watch tv. I do see the profuct in stores though, especially California stores like Whole Foods. Fidel Trudeau probably drinks it!

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  2. All propaganda msm is meant for people to discuss the depravity and normalize it. Just talking about it is offensive to me.

    Both lefties and righties alike do this as the false left vs right paradigm is more apparent everyday for those who dare to question their reality.

    Government literally means to control the mind and it works in conjunction with the disgusting media which needs to be turned off.

    The Bible is a literal document and things have never changed from before Christ in Socrates day to now.

    Plato’s Cave is exactly where the masses live. It is the immutable truth.


    1. It’s a gross topic but needs to be discussed, not ignored which helps to normalize it. Christians are supposed to shine the light on truth, not ignore or sugarcoat our reality.


  3. I don’t watch TV much, so I was unaware of these commercials. I started buying canned water. I bought Liquid Death a few times. I actually like the taste of another brand better, and the other brand is much cheaper when you order directly from the company. I know whenI looked into ordering Liquid Death online it acted like it targeted soccer moms. Obviously that is not the case. Is that the brand that claims they are from the Alps?

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    1. I was unaware too, I saw the cans of Liquid Death at Whole Foods but I thought nothing was unusual. I’m sure they’d say it was just hsrmless marketing to promote whst they do but I’ve noticed the trend of normalizing violence etc in many products aimed at the younger generation especially. I think anyone that unknowingly bought their water won’t be affected by the occultism. Soccer moms have changed with the bleak times too unfortunately. I think they claim their water is good for the environment but their marketing is psychologically bad. I think all the water companies claim they’re sourced from the alps but I bet they’re all tap water!

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  4. Hi Judy, I’ve been away in my cave for a while but it’s spring and hibernation is over. I see you have not deserted your post and continue to shine a light on the absurdity of the darkness that has crept into our society. Water being perverted for a sales gimmick is about as out there as it gets, but I know there is much worse going on and these things make great distractions. Hope you are well and enjoying the arrival of spring.

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    1. Hi Dan, good to hear from you. I was hibernating too but only recently have returned. Our world keeps getting more bizarre, there’s much to document. I think the demon water is using the shock gimmick for both sales and to normalize evil. Many crazy people are actually satanists though, as strange as that is! I’m hanging in there, getting ready for Texas heatwaves—it seems to go from winter straight to summer here!

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      1. I do remember the Texas heat. It seems there were two seasons of warm and warmer. I do miss those days where you could buy anything you wanted without needing to risk one’s soul.

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      2. There are a lot of prophecies coming true that were significant in Christianity. There are three main Christian interpretations of John’s revelations. One was that it was a recording of current events, another that it was near term and the last that it was predictive of the future which might very well be now. There is no doubt that the major signs were predicted long ago and that we can see for ourselves the conditions are ripe for humanity to fall far from the grace of God and experience an extinction event like no other before.

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      3. It seems like evil doers want to force the biblical prophecies to occur but they think they can win. People seem wild/crazed with pent up energy, destroying cars/property/people for the pleasure of it.

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