Enabling Transableism + Poem: Blinded on Purpose (haiku in 4 variations)

“Something in my brain tells me my legs are not supposed to work. Having any sensation in them just feels wrong,” she told the Daily Mail.

In fact, she’s admitted that her fantasy is to be involved in a devastating car crash where both her legs are hurt beyond repair.

Jennings-White is reported to have gone in search of a doctor who would sever the specific nerves that connect her legs to the rest of her body that would also take away any feeling in her thighs, shins and feet.”

Chloe Jennings-White wants to amputate her legs but can’t because it’s “too costly”

Transableism might’ve been a slightly funny parody statement against the Clown World altar of body dysmorphia—but unfortunately, it’s a real life example of the self-identification and self-hatred insanity that prevades our woke society. Are we so coddled and spoiled that mutilating our bodies is now the norm?

She blinded herself intentionally and says she has no regrets.

“…being transabled was natural or essential for them, rather than a choice or something learned. Indeed, they wished to avoid the stigma that might come with the notion of choosing disability, a “socially devalued bodily state.”


Why does our culture enable and celebrate mental illness? What’s next, identying as a trash can? Sorry for my lack of sympathy and my general disgust at the medical profession, but didn’t they promise to do no harm? Does intellectualism actually reverse intelligence?:

“Philosophers Tim Bayne (Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia) and Neil Levy (University of Oxford, in England, and Macquarie University, in Sydney, Australia) make the case that transabled people who seek amputations should be allowed to get them from reputable surgeons. They write:

Given that many patients will go ahead with amputations in any case and risk extensive injury or death in doing so, it might be argued that surgeons should accede 
to the requests, at least of those patients who they (or a competent authority) judge
 are likely to take matters into their own hands.

Programmed for illness
Victimhood identity
Pawn mentality

Land of the freakish
Home of the amputated
DIY crippled

Wheel chair fantasy
Self-identified as brave
Mutilated slaves

Hero in reverse
Mental illness is our curse
Blinded on purpose.


      1. Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and produces closed minded prideful BIGOTS.

        A true open minded liberal rejects all liberalism. (That is me!)

        Celebrating pride is bigotry is abject stupidity.

        As the bible says pride goes before destruction! Once again the bible is the truth!

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  1. I cannot begin to understand the mental state of these people. Are there really people who are so far gone that they don’t have an ounce of hope or sanity? What Dr. would even consider complying with someone’s request like this? Crazytown is overpopulated.

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    1. I was shocked too to realize that mental insanity is enabled to this extent. I bet some doctors would maim their patients, like a new form of plastic surgery. 🤯Common sense is gone, replaced by absurdity.

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  2. Funny thing about that “do no harm” Hippocratic Oath-Thing…if you google it, most medical schools have their own versions, including letting students write their own, or have students stand while they read something similar to it at graduation…which would clearly explain why we’ve seen such a swing in the medical field as of late. From the UCLA website: “Many of today’s oaths swear by “whatever each of us holds most sacred,” or they simply begin with a promise to uphold medical principles.” I’d say that’s a far cry from “first, do no harm,” wouldn’t you?
    Maybe we should have doctors sweat to “first, treat mental illness, before giving voluntary life-altering surgeries.”

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    1. That explains a lot, I had no idea that the Hippocratic oath was altered! Why would they change the foundational core of medicine unless their intentions are to do harm! I suppose it’s like a hidden legal clause because so much of western medicine’s side effects cause new diseases.

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  3. I do not understand this. There are even people who self identify as autistic or on the spectrum. They never get tested or get the diagnosis. I am wondering with the woke ideology if people feel they need to identify in these categories because they feel they would get more brownie points in life or it would give them a leg up on getting a job etc. There was the lady on the west coast who self identified as black, tried to make herself appear that way, worked for an organisation like NAACP or another one. You have the politician on the east coast who identified as Native American when she had what? less than one percent in her? I think though the most challenging one to self identify with is on the spectrum as people on the spectrum have the hardest time trying to get jobs and maintain them. Workplaces do not want to make any accommodations for them. I do not understand why anyone who want to self identify on the spectrum or any of these unless they thought they would get something out of it.

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    1. I agree. I remember the story of Rachel Dolezal too, I hope I spelled her name correctly, she benefited by claiming she was black but she lost all credibility. I think people have been programmed to idealize minority identities to an extreme level and so they want to disavow their majority/“average” status. Whatever happened to self-acceptance? And some use the identities to gain privileges, validation and even criminal access.

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