You Are the Temple + Poem: The Kingdom of God is Within

Amazing clarity in this video that analyzes the Seattle light show:

All of us are the temple of God, made in God’s image, it’s in our DNA. This is what they want to destroy via Transhumanism and genocide.

The Space Needle 💉
The God gene vs Fun vax
The Kingdom of God is Within

The Kingdom of God is within
The body is a temple without sin
Made in the image of perfection
We are God’s children
We inherit the Kingdom of Heaven
Jesus raised his body temple
Conquered death and evil
We were born to be eternal
Before our lost innocence
Contamination dis-ease
Satan is the lie
That replaces God with a beady eye
Crown of narcissism
Dark tower rebellion
Corona the black eyed phallic
Blinded us with needles
Trumpets are sounding
The truth will set us free
If we’d pay attention.
The occult uses symbolism as spell-casting—the hexagon, Seal of Remphan/Solomon and the Freemasonic logo is openly displayed because they’re proud and unafraid of the sleeping masses
The crown (corona) is the all-seeing eye, the needle is phallic in exactly the same way. The masonic eye is the tip of the phallic pyramid, it represents the head of the penis and the rays symbolize ejaculation.
Artificial humans is their goal, AI is inherently psychopathic/without conscience or empathy.

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